About us


fitNfun walk jog run

Created FOR local people, run by Hayley Dodsworth and her family since 2011.

Our group has grown to 55 members, who join us when they can, without commitment. Children accompanied by an adult, pets welcome on the walk.

What are you waiting for: join us on a Wednesday evening from 7.30pm.

It’s a free group because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay to be healthy. Just bring a couple of pounds if you plan to stay for a drink in the sports club bar afterwards!

We’re a group of like-minded locals who enjoy getting exercize and meeting new friends. We walk, jog or run around Bardsey, Scarcroft, East Keswick and Collingham. The overall aim is to bring together local people to enjoy the delights of our great outdoors, be that walking, jogging or running. The club offers support to those who want to get started, who wish to get faster, or go for longer!  See our goals section to find out more.

The club nights provide safety in numbers for those who don’t want to be out in the dark alone, new routes to add to your repertoire, pace setters and buddies, information about events and the opportunity to meet and socialize with a wider network of local people be that on route or in the Bardsey Sports Club bar.

The group was foundered in 2011 as run4fun but has since gone from strength to strength, and now welcomes people of all ages and abilities. We are a walking, jogging and running group to support the needs of every-one who comes along. We run on Sunday afternoons in the winter months and then the lighter nights open up the trails and woodlands that surround us each Wednesday evening.

You will have the choice to get more involved by taking part in local fundraisers towhether you think you can or cant support chosen charities dear to our hearts and raise much needed money.  This can provide a goal to get moving.

You can chose to add your own event and encourage others to join you or just come along for fun.

See our events page ….

Come along and let’s get moving!!!


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