Contact us

To find out more Email: or call in at the Bardsey Sports Club and speak to any of the team about the group or for sports club membership.

Text: 07981 554853

Facebook: fitnfunbardsey

bcc club house image

Bardsey Sports Clubhouse, Keswick Lane, Bardsey, LS17.


This is a FREE voluntary group organised by local people by local people.   Everyone is welcome to join the group however they take part at their own risk. Participants are expected to wear suitable footwear – trainers or running shoes and bring drinking water for along the 5km route.


3 Responses to Contact us

  1. Flavia says:

    Enjoyed a fabulous evening with ‘fitnfunbardsey organised by Hayley 😀


  2. Sarah says:


    I am interested in your Wednesday running sessions I have recently started back running and would like to come along. Would it be OK to turn up tomorrow is it 7.30 that you meet?


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