Healthy message on the menu with Emma Bright and The Super Food Fight – a new book to support kids healthy eating. Serious FUN!

Hayley Dodsworth and Donna Harrison, two of the FitNFun team, have together written a book to support parents in the eternal mealtime battle ‘Err… I’m not eating that!’

We’ve all heard this said by our children at some point and know how frustrating it can be for the everyone involved. These local ladies came up with a proactive solution to the problem and so the Super Food Fight concept was established.


Hayley’s daughter Emma, also a FitNFunner, was the inspiration for Emma Bright and The Super Food Fight when, at around 5 years old, she began to refuse foods at the meal table. The knock on effect of this was that she was negatively influencing her younger sisters and this resulted in tears, tantrums and a waste of time and money. Mealtimes were anxious and unhappy! Rather than make separate meals or get angry Hayley told tall tales at the meal table about some super hero foods to inspire her children to try a wider range of foods.

This resulted in happier, healthier mealtimes with Emma and her sisters, Anna and Olivia Dodsworth, enjoying their meals with their parents. The knock on effect of this was the improvement in sleep, behavior and concentration.


Bardsey Primary School supported the local mum’s by reviewing the early drafts of the book and adding feedback from a teachers point of view. Then many of the children in the school and local area took part in the market research to establish whether the kids involved enjoyed the story and were learning from the concept. It was a 100% positive outcome and so the book was illustrated and the website created and the characters brought to life online:

Six months on and almost 1000 copies of Emma Bright and The Super Food Fight have been sold. Reviews have been 100% 5 stars and feedback has been unbelievably positive. Take a peek and add a place for Emma Bright at the table and make mealtimes happy, healthy and bright!

Background: Hayley Dodsworth studied a nutrition course with the Open University, closely followed by a writing course, then a children’s writing course. She enlisted her friend, Donna Harrison, Drama Teacher and parent to Peter and Lyla Harrison, to add a voice to the super hero food characters in the book, plus the meddlesome and mischievous Treats in the story.

The story took over 7 years from initial idea to published book but Hayley and Donna both agree it was worth the hard work. “We were very determined and wanted our finished book to be equal to, if not better than, any other book out there on the book shelves. It adds a new fun dimension to educating primary age school children about healthy eating and that’s being reinforced by all our super food fans. You can read our reviews on the website to find out more:

Emma Bright and The Super Food Fight is available from Hayley Dodsworth on 07981 554853, email: or pick up at copy at the Bardsey Sports Club, Keswick Lane, each Wednesday or from the online book shop:


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Hurray the sun is out, the sky is blue

Hello everyone!


The sun has decided to join us so it’s going to be a lovely FitNFun – walk – jog – run tonight so get down to the Sports Club on Keswick Lane for 7.30pm if you can make it.

We are looking forward to the cool and refreshing drink we will earn as our reward afterwards.

Hope you can join us.


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We did it! 5km #RaceForLife Leeds

Well done to the Super Food Fight Team for their amazing 35 minute 5km run on Sunday which has so far raised £370 for Cancer Research Uk Race For Life.

To read all about it see Emma-s-Blog attached and take a peek at the fun photos from the day.



Thank you for sponsoring us – please bring along your donation asap to the Sports Club in Bardsey.   If you would still like to donate you can  add to our Just Giving Page below.


See you tonight for a windy FitNFun but it’s meant to be dry and bright.

Super Food Fight Team events coming up in June:

  • The Boston Spa Gala on Saturday 10th June from 1pm.
  • The Riverside Festival in Tadcaster on Saturday 17th June.
  • The Dales Festival of Food and Drink in Leyburn 18th June.
  • The Grassington Food Festival on Saturday 25th June. TBC.

If you know of any upcoming events for families please let us know and we will try and make an appearance in fun food costumes to brighten up the day!

Have a great week if we don’t see you tonight at 7.30pm!

From Hayley


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Should I stay or should I go?


Are you struggling to get motivated for FitNfun tonight? The rain does that!

Whatever the weather, if we’re around, we will be there at 7.30pm for a walk . jog .run. WIll YOU?

Remember you can dip in and out of our group throughout the season but it’s easier to get motivated if you know there will be others waiting for you….

Also – there is a family fun day at Bardsey Bowling Club from 10am-12 for families with a treasure hunt, refreshments, fun and games – then 12 -4pm social bowling and teaching.

See you tonight or there on Saturday if you are free.






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“Oh yes, it’s a sunny Wednesday!”

Hurray! the sun has got his hat on and we can look forward to a pleasant evening of FitNFun tonight. It’s week 4 already of our summer club so come along whilst its still the start of the season and every-one is at the same level.

We have some new members and some returning friends from previous years so lots of people to walk, jog or run with.

See you tonight at 7.30pm Bardsey Sports Club entrance





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FitNFun Bardsey is back … 19/4/17 7.30pm! Walk . Jog or Run with us!

Hi every-one!

We are keen to welcome back all our walkers, joggers or runners from 2016.

If you haven’t been running over the winter months then you’ll be in good company. Come along from 19th April 2017 and get back in shape, meet up with old friends and meet new friends along the way.

The sun is coming – let’s make the most of the lighter nights which are on the way – 7.30pm Bardsey sports Club.  Keswick Lane.

See you there !

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Coming Soon …. Wednesday,19th April 2017 – 7.30pm – Bardsey Sports Club

We’ll be back with a spring in our step to walk . jog . run Spring to Summer 2017 …

Join us at Bardsey sports club entrance from 7.20pm to set off at 7.30pm on our first weekly walk, jog or run of 2017.

Every-one welcome! It’s Free and good for you … what are you waiting for!

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